Imagine waking up one day and finding yourself in slavery. What would you do? Would you stay or escape? What food or supplies would you take? These are just a few of the challenges that our hands-on history programs present as participants are guided through simulated journeys depicting Plantation Life and the Underground Railroad.  Slave life, the auction block, and the flight to freedom are all encountered in our rich living-history experiences.

The Button Farm Living History Center programs provide hands-on history educational activities for public and private K-12 students, home school, community groups, universities, educators, corporations and the general public. A focus on history, agriculture, environment, sustainability, team-building and conflict resolution are matched with the participant’s needs.

Welcome Summer Campers!

Looking for an adventure for your summer camp group this July or August? Button Farm has morning and afternoon activities tailored to your group’s specific needs.

History, nature and 19th century farm life are some of the themes for our interactive hands-on experiences. Come visit a while with our heritage breed farm animals, discover what’s growing in our museum garden, or gather around for fire circle for our storytelling time. Button Farm features 20 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails. So book a guided tour of the farm or script and adventure of your own. Check our Programs Page for pricing and availability.

NOTE: The Button Farm is not a licensed camp program, but a public museum site. We do not accept single student campers, unaffiliated with an organized group. All summer weekday programs are by appointment only, and exclusively for organized summer camp groups consisting of ten or more students and adults, who provide their own transportation and meals. Click the links below for our pricing and availability.



Age:     All ages
Time:    3 Hours (2 hour program + 1 Hour for lunch and free time)

Details: Come explore the natural bounty of Button Farm.  Discover flora and fauna of Seneca Creek State Park on our outdoor scavenger hunt. Play “Good bug, bad bug,” learn about composting, and help us protect the environment.


Age:     All ages
Time:    3 Hours (2 hour program + 1 Hour of Lunch and free time)

Details: Learn about life on a 19th century farm. Fetch water, feed animals and other farm chores. Test your knowledge in our hands-on farm tool challenge. Discover if you have what it took to live like an 1850s Marylander.


Age:     All ages
Time:    3 Hours (2 hour program + 1 Hour of Lunch and free time)

Details: Discover the history of the Underground Railroad. Gather your supplies, devise your plan and make your run for freedom. Follow in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman and others on this simulated northbound journey.

Button Farm charges a flat fee based on the total number of participants. No per-person fees available. Participant amounts apply to all students, adults and bystanders who accompany your group. A minimum of one chaperone per each 15 students (or portion thereof) is required and must be included in the total number of paid participants.

$300 (1-30 participants)
$450 (31-45 participants)
$600 (46-60 participants)
$750 (61-75 participants)


Morning            9:00- 12:00
Afternoon         11:00-2:00
Personalized     Any 3 hour slot (Add $100)




Age:     All ages
Time:    3 hour minimum (2 hour program + 1 Hour for lunch and free time)

Details: Button Farm is available to rent for your own self-scripted camp experience. We have nearly 40-acres of open space nestled within a 6,000 acre park with 20 miles of hiker, biker and equestrian trails. There are two formal camping areas if you are looking for an overnight experience which includes fire circles and access to firewood and a port-a-john. While visiting you are welcome to take our self-guided tour of the Museum Garden and animal pens.

Fees:    TBD