Honey Bees, kept for centuries for their honey, are crucial pollinators for many kinds of plants and trees. The beehive at Button Farm was rescued in 2017 from a restoration project at the Loving Charity Hall, at the Warren Historic Site, near Poolesville, Maryland.

Bees might be the most famous of pollinators and have many varieties. Honey Bee populations are under threat due to a mix of factors, including disease, pests, and pesticides. There are other species of bees that also pollinate, such as Mason Bees and Bumblebees.

The bees were successfully removed and transferred to the farm thanks to beekeeper Jim Frazer and the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association, and now pollinate the museum gardens. 

Note: More information about our bees is available from Plenty Magazine, Summer Growing Season 2019, "Cross-Pollinating History and Nature: A Story of Bees" pp 33-35.

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