Please look through these frequently asked questions and answers and we’ll see you at the farm!

Q: What Should I Expect?
A: You will be visiting a 40-acre farm in a 6,000 acre park. Expect to see wildlife, historical landscapes and to have an out of doors experience. There are many hands-on and self-guided activities. Be prepared to get involved, try something new and challenge yourself.

Q: What Should I Bring? 
A: Dress comfortably and casually. Wear attire appropriate for the weather conditions as all of our public facilities are open to the elements. Wear comfortable shoes (no heels) as you will be walking on bare ground and grass. If you have allergies or medical concerns remember to bring all necessary medications. Those with potentially life threatening health conditions should apprise our staff of your needs prior to arriving at our site. Many visitors like bringing their cameras to capture the day’s events. All visitors must CARRY A MASK at all times for the safety of themselves and others.

Q: What Shouldn’t I Bring? 
A: Do not bring any loose-fitting jewelry, expensive accessories, items of great value that might get lost. Valuables should be left at home or locked inside of your vehicle. Pets (with the exception of service animals) are prohibited. As we are located inside Seneca Creek State Park, we are a “Leave No Trace” facility and we do not have trash receptacles of any kind. All disposable products (trash etc.) you bring in must be carried out with you when you leave. Please bring the necessary garbage bags, etc. you will need to carry your trash.

Q: Can I Camp at Button Farm? 
A: Yes!  We have two camp sites on the farm for small groups of up to fifteen people.  Pitch your tents and enjoy the peace and quiet of the farm or use the site as a great base camp for exploring the surrounding Seneca Creek State Park, including over twenty miles of fantastic trails.  You can book your camping stay at Button Farm or learn more through  Hipcamp.  Larger groups wishing to stay at the farm should contact us directly for information on booking events at (place “Event Booking” in the subject line).
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Q: How Do I Get There? (see directions and map)

BUS WARNING!: If arriving by bus you MUST CONTACT US IN ADVANCE so that special arrangements can be made. Buses cannot be parked on our property and will be directed to off-site parking location after dropping passengers at our front gate. At the designated time of departure they may return to pick up passengers at the front entrance to the farm. Buses must also follow ONLY the printed directions below. Buses that come via Route 28 WILL BE UNABLE TO UNLOAD OR TURN AROUND.Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Thank you!
If lost you may try to reach us at 240.579.5112