At the Button Farm we grow heirloom vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and eggs for use in our history-based programs as well as for direct sale to our members through our FREE MEMBERSHIP! In addition our own farm products we have partnered with From The Earth Foods CSA to offer seasonal subscription-style Community Supported Agriculture pick-up location at Button Farm.


Produce is available at our farm on Saturdays from noon to 4:00 PM during the season, which this year begins on June 27 (coinciding with Montgomery County Heritage Days weekend) and runs to early November.  We are closed Saturday, July 4 and Saturday, September 5 for the holiday weekends.

For updates on what produce is available, follow us on our Facebook page, check our website or sign up for our produce list serve to get direct email notifications.  The food offered for sale at the Button Farm is grown right here on the Button Farm, though we might from time to time offer additional produce from our friends and neighbors here in the county’s Agricultural Reserve.


We are committed to providing chemical-free, fresh, local produce.  While we are not certified organic, we do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our crops, nor do we grow Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  We are dedicated to ensuring that our livestock is hormone-free and treated in an ethical manner. Our chickens are fed regular, not organic, feed.

One of the benefits of buying direct from the farmer is that you get to see the farm where your food comes from and talk to the people who grow it about their farming practices.  Don’t be shy!  We love our farm and we’re happy to show you what we do here.

Our long term goal is to make Button Farm largely self-sustaining—saving our own seed from year to year for our crops, providing our own fertilizer through the use of animal manures, cover crops and compost, and reducing our carbon footprint by reducing or eliminating machinery that uses fossil fuels. For regular updates, visit the Button Farm Facebook Page.


From the Earth Foods, LLC is located in Montgomery County’s beautiful Agricultural Reserve just outside Poolesville, MD.  Initially started in southeastern Minnesota in 2007, From the Earth Foods relocated to Maryland in 2013 and currently leases 3 acres on a small farm on Sugarland Road.  Surrounded by trees and rolling land, we are fortunate to be part of a rich farming community.  More information and CSA Sign-up sheet


We raise food using ecological principles that promote soil health and the health of the ecosystem in which we farm.  We follow the organic standards laid out in the National Organic Program and will be certified in 2015 with the Maryland Department of Agriculture.  Our aim is to farm in a manner that will sustain the land for generations to come, and each year we continually look for ways to improve our methods and stewardship of the land.


From the Earth Foods, LLC is owned and operated by Courtney Buchholtz.  In addition, she receives assistance from her husband Jesse Kieffer, family members, property owners and friends.  Courtney’s introduction to farming came via a Permaculture course that focused on design and approaches to sustainable land use in 2005.  After a one year internship in 2006, Courtney and her sister (Colette) started a farm (From the Earth Foods) in Rochester, Minnesota which resulted in three successful seasons of supporting a CSA, local restaurants, coops, and a farmers market.  In 2011, Courtney moved to the Mid-Atlantic region and spent a year co-managing a 60-member CSA farm in Accokeek, Maryland.  That great learning opportunity was followed by two years (2012-2013) working at Country Pleasures Farm in Middletown, Maryland.  Through her journey she has gained tremendous experience and exposure to farmers markets (DuPont Circle, DC; Silver Spring, MD), selling wholesale, and running CSA programs.  In 2012, Courtney started searching for land through the Land Link program hosted by the Montgomery Countryside Alliance.  Later that year the Economic Development Council in Montgomery County launched the New Farmer Pilot Project to connect local aspiring farmers with land and resources to start farm businesses.  With the help of these two programs Courtney was able to secure a lease for 3 acres on a property just outside Poolesville, MD.